Holy Orders

The sacrament which, through the authority of the Church and the imposition of a bishop’s hands, confers on a man the grace and spiritual power to celebrate the Church’s sacraments. There are three forms of this sacrament: deacon, priest and bishop. Only men can be ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Deacons, priests, and bishops are called by Jesus, who told His apostles “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you.” John 15:16.

Please remember to pray for vocations to the priesthood.

Prayer for Vocations

O Jesus, Good and Gentle Shepherd, grant that the men and women from our community may have the grace and the courage to hear and answer Your call to priesthood and religious life. Give them the wisdom to realize that life is a gift. Let them realize their life is part of YOUR plan. Call forth those You have chosen to spread the gospel message, and help them to freely respond to a life of service in the church. May the parents and families of our parish, support and encourage our young men and women to search for, follow and answer the call of God in their lives. Amen.

If you feel God is calling you to the religious life, please contact father at 360-384-3651.