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  • While capacity for in-person Mass remains limited, we are no longer required to maintain a record of those in attendance. Sign-ups are no longer required and the links to the sign up pages have been removed from the Mass Times page.

  • Please join us every Friday during Lent for The Stations Of The Cross (beginning Friday, February 19, 2021) at 8:30am (before 9am Mass) St Joseph, Ferndale. If you unable to join us at the church, please join us via livestream.

  • If you’ve struggled to read the Bible, this podcast is for you. Fr. Mike Schmitz hosts a daily bible reading where you and he will read the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation following the Great Adventure Bible Timeline. Each podcast is 20-25 minutes and features 2-3 bible readings, a prayer and a short reflection by Fr. Mike. Start anytime at Day 1 and on Day 365 you will have read the entire bible and discovered how your story fits into THE story.  

RSS Recent Articles on Faith

  • 5 ways to know that God is working in your life April 30, 2021
    by Gary Zimak Have you ever prayed for something for a long time with no apparent results? You pray and pray and hear nothing … not even crickets. During times like this, it’s common to question if God is even listening. You may begin to wonder if prayer makes a difference. Ultimately, you may just […]
    Gary Zimak
  • The legacy of Laudato Si’ April 22, 2021
    by Tom Hoopes Five years after the encyclical Laudato Si’ was promulgated by Pope Francis, it has left its unusual mark. What other encyclical has ever been translated into operatic classical music? Laudato Si’: A Franciscan Magnificat debuted at the Cathedral of St. George in Limburg, Germany, with voices for St. Francis, St. Clare, and […]
    Tom Hoopes
  • The great leap April 19, 2021
    by Matt Archbold I recently told my wife it’s been difficult finding the money for our oldest to go to college while also paying for Catholic school tuition — as well as saving for eventual bail for our 10-year-old. The 10-year-old in the back seat of the van barked, “Hey, if they’re still offering bail, […]
    Matt Archbold
  • Receiving the ‘little white guest’ April 12, 2021
    by Patricia Morin Haggerty My sisters and I were cleaning out my mom’s house following her passing. When I opened her cedar chest, I made an amazing discovery. My First Communion veil was there and still in good condition! I had no idea that my mother had kept it all these years. The discovery brought […]
  • Joyfully accepting the free gift of Divine Mercy April 9, 2021
    by Trent Beattie Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, is well known —not only for his speaking presentations on Divine Mercy, but for his written ones, as well. The 43-year-old priest from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception has a list of bestsellers that includes Consoling the Heart of Jesus, The ‘One Thing’ Is Three, and 33 […]
    Trent Beattie

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  • The gift of imperfect parents May 7, 2021
    by Danielle Bean When my son Eamon was about 2 years old, we sat near the window together, watching a lightning storm. When one especially loud clap of thunder boomed in the sky, he turned to me with large eyes. “Papa!” he gasped. In our son’s small world, his father was the all-powerful everything. Of […]
    Danielle Bean
  • The mother’s day rose May 5, 2021
    by Sean Patrick I was looking over Danny’s shoulder into the Fanny Farmer Choice Candies box where Mama kept the tiny items that meant something special to her. There, hard as a rock and with only the barest hint of color on the tip of one tight petal, were the mummified remains of a long-ago […]
    Sean Patrick
  • Let your love of Mary blossom in May May 1, 2021
    by Jeff Young For centuries Catholics have fostered a special devotion to Mary during the month of May. What child in his or her Catholic school or parish hasn’t been mesmerized by the solemnity and sweetness of the annual May Crowning? I know I was. More than four decades ago, I was a towheaded, scrawny, […]
    Jeff Young
  • Peace from the Lamb of God March 31, 2021
    BY JEFF YOUNG I don’t suffer well. I wish I did, but the sad fact is that I don’t. I have witnessed other people suffer well … men, women, and children who experience accidents, sickness, and losses with grace and humility. Historically, I have not been one of those people. However, I could argue (cautiously!) […]
    Jeff Young
  • Does Catholic Fellowship matter? March 3, 2021
    by Michele Faihnle Eleven years ago I took my son to a Protestant church for vacation Bible school. The second I walked in the door, people introduced themselves, welcomed me, asked my name, and directed me where to go. Every morning that week was more of the same: It began with warm hospitality and ended with […]
    Michele Faehnle