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  • While capacity for in-person Mass remains limited, we are no longer required to maintain a record of those in attendance. Sign-ups are no longer required and the links to the sign up pages have been removed from the Mass Times page.

  • Please join us every Friday during Lent for The Stations Of The Cross (beginning Friday, February 19, 2021) at 8:30am (before 9am Mass) St Joseph, Ferndale. If you unable to join us at the church, please join us via livestream.

  • If you’ve struggled to read the Bible, this podcast is for you. Fr. Mike Schmitz hosts a daily bible reading where you and he will read the entire bible from Genesis to Revelation following the Great Adventure Bible Timeline. Each podcast is 20-25 minutes and features 2-3 bible readings, a prayer and a short reflection by Fr. Mike. Start anytime at Day 1 and on Day 365 you will have read the entire bible and discovered how your story fits into THE story.  

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RSS Recent Articles on Faith

  • Five Ways to Observe Memorial Day May 29, 2021
    1. Attend Mass at a cemetery Some Catholic cemeteries offer Mass on Memorial Day. To find one near you, contact your diocese or parish.       2. Learn about Fr. Emil Kapaun Emil Kapaun was a priest from Kansas and a U.S. Army chaplain serving in the 1940s and 1950s. During the Korean War […]
    Derek Pettinelli
  • The blessing of a forgiving heart May 28, 2021
    by Fr. Eamon Tobin When you stand to pray, forgive anyone against whom you have a grievance, so that your heavenly Father may in turn forgive you your transgressions. (Mark 11:25) In silence, let’s all think … of a person with whom we are annoyed, with whom we are angry, someone we do not like. […]
    Fr Eamon Tobin
  • Way of Beauty: Blessed is She May 26, 2021
    by Gina Loehr Elizabeth [was] filled with the holy Spirit” (Luke 1:41). So Luke tells us in his Gospel account of the Visitation. As her cousin Mary greets her, the elderly woman, who is nonetheless great with child, speaks through the power of the Spirit: Elizabeth calls Mary “the mother of my Lord” (Luke 1:43). […]
    Gina Loehr
  • Five ways to grow spiritually during the summer May 24, 2021
    School is out for summer, the kids are home, and my life just got more complicated. I am now balancing their work and sports schedules, my work schedule, their chores and social events. As a busy family with seven children ranging from 3 to 19, there are times when life is in the fast lane […]
    Emily Jaminet
  • Leopold Mandić – feast day is May 12 May 10, 2021
    by Melanie Rigney If you had encountered this Capuchin friar, you might have given him a second glance because of his stature —and then moved on. Other than being just 4 feet, 6 inches tall, there wasn’t much that was noteworthy about Leopold. He had all kinds of health issues, including stuttering and throat problems […]
    Melanie Rigney

RSS Recent Articles on Family

  • And now for something new June 2, 2021
    by Jeff Young A new twist  Nothing is new under the sun,” wrote the author of Ecclesiastes (1:9), and he’s right … mostly. As a recipe writer, that quote often echoes in my mind while I’m trying to come up with something “new” in the kitchen. When it comes to food — as with most […]
    Jeff Young
  • “You have kept the good wine until now.” May 24, 2021
    BY JOHN S. GRABOWSKI Exploring the Riches of the Empty Nest At first glance, it may seem more than a bit of a stretch to apply the words of the head waiter at the Wedding Feast of Cana to the situation of Catholic couples who reach the “empty nest” stage of their marriage. After all, […]
    John S. Grabowski
  • Breaking Bread with the Word of God May 17, 2021
    by Jeff Young Jesus cooked. He cooked breakfast, to be precise. You can find the account in John 21:1-14. This was after he rose from the dead, after he had already appeared to the disciples, after he had already breathed on them and made them sharers of the Holy Spirit and gave them the authority […]
    Jeff Young
  • The gift of imperfect parents May 7, 2021
    by Danielle Bean When my son Eamon was about 2 years old, we sat near the window together, watching a lightning storm. When one especially loud clap of thunder boomed in the sky, he turned to me with large eyes. “Papa!” he gasped. In our son’s small world, his father was the all-powerful everything. Of […]
    Danielle Bean
  • The mother’s day rose May 5, 2021
    by Sean Patrick I was looking over Danny’s shoulder into the Fanny Farmer Choice Candies box where Mama kept the tiny items that meant something special to her. There, hard as a rock and with only the barest hint of color on the tip of one tight petal, were the mummified remains of a long-ago […]
    Sean Patrick