Bible Study

The 2023 Fall Bible Study is Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life

The 2023 Fall Bible Study has concluded.

Thank you to everyone who walked with Jesus through his Passion!

St. Joseph, Ferndale: Tuesdays 10am-12pm
St. Joseph, Ferndale: Tuesdays 7pm-9pm
St. Anne, Blaine: Wednesdays following the 9:30am Mass
St. Anne, Blaine: Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm
St. Joachim, Lummi: Sundays following the 8:30am Mass

The marvelous treasures of the Catholic Faith—the Eucharist, Mary, the saints, and the Creed—are all centered on a single figure: Jesus Christ. Jesus is more than a historical or theological figure. He is our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord, and our God. While many of us already know a lot about him, how well can we say we really know him? Filmed on location in the Holy Land, Jesus: The Way, the Truth, and the Life is a new and fresh look at Jesus—who he is, what he is really like, what he taught, and what he did for our salvation. This encounter with Christ will inspire and empower you to center your entire life on him as you come to know and love him in an ever-deeper and more intimate way.

Cost: $25 (scholarships available upon request)

SessionSt. Joseph, FerndaleSt. Anne, BlaineSt. Joachim, Lummi
#1 Refocusing on Jesus Jesus and HistorySep 12 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Sep 13 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Sep 10 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#2 In the BeginningSep 19 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Sep 20 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Sep 17 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#3 The Desert WaySep 26 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Sep 27 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Sep 24 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#4 The Way of the KingdomOct 3 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Oct 4 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Oct 1 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#5 The Truth About GodOct 10 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Oct 11 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Oct 8 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#6 The True IsraelOct 17 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Oct 18 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Oct 15 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#7 The Truth About JesusOct 24 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Oct 25 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Oct 22 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#8 The Road to Glory, The Path of SufferingNov 7 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Nov 8 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Nov 5 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#9 New Passover, New ExodusNov 14 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Nov 15 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Nov 12 (after 8:30 am Mass)
#10 Resurrection and LifeNov 21 (10am-noon OR 7pm-9pm)Nov 22 (10:30-12:30pm OR 6:30pm -8:30pm)Nov 19 (after 8:30 am Mass)

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