Panorama is a casual and conversational small group, where people who are exploring Catholic Christianity, get to know more about the basic message of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re looking to take the next step toward becoming Catholic or you just want to ask questions about the Mass or anything related to the Catholic faith, Panorama is the place for you.

The next session is Fall 2024 – watch this space for details!

Join us for 4 sessions!

When: Sundays after Mass: 12:00–12:45
(On your way over, you are welcome to stop by the Social Hall and grab a coffee and donut and bring it in with you.)
Where: St. Joseph, Ferndale – Classroom Wing – St. Jerome Room (See map below)
Cost: FREE (registration required)

Session Blueprint

We’ll open with a prayer and listen to a short (3 minute) meditation from Fr. Frankie Cicero from the Dioceses of Phoenix. We’ll share what, if anything, spoke to us from the meditation then we’ll move on to open Q&A. Finally, we’ll wrap up and close our time with a prayer.

About the group leader

Anthony was born in Flint, Michigan to a hospital lab tech and an auto factory worker. He was raised Catholic and has been a member of St. Joseph, Ferndale since 2002. He enjoys science, technology and science fiction, especially anything space-related. He also enjoys board games and card games (the more strategic, the better). But there isn’t much time for that in his busy house with four daughters and pets of both the permanent and foster variety. There is always something that needs cleaning or repairing!