Coronavirus – Keeping you safe at Mass

Dear parish community,

With an increasing focus on the coronavirus around the world, we wanted to assure you that our team continues to monitor the situation. Without causing alarm, we believe it is prudent to remind you of our customary health precautions whenever there is an outbreak. Our response to this spreading virus must reflect how we, as disciples of Jesus, love our neighbor and love God. In caring for all members of our community — especially the elderly and the vulnerable — we are carrying out the mission of the church. We must do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus.
We strongly urge you to read and follow these recommendations out of an abundance of caution:

  1. If you are sick or feel you are getting sick, stay at home and do NOT attend Mass. Missing Mass due to illness is not sinful; it is prudent and shows care for your brothers and sisters.
  2. During Mass, at the Sign of Peace, simply say, “Peace be with you,” instead of offering your hand.
  3. During the Our Father prayer, please refrain from holding hands.
  4. During Communion, the Eucharist will only be offered in your hand, rather than on your tongue. Additionally, we will refrain from offering the Precious Blood from the chalice at this time.
  5. You will notice that we have drained the holy water in the church, until further notice. Please simply bless yourself with the sign of the cross as you enter and exit the church.
  6. Please practice respiratory etiquette and good health hygiene with these recommendations from the CDC:

Thank you for your attention to these important health precautions. These changes are temporary and should not disrupt the celebration of the Mass. Please let us know if you have any questions.